Memories of the Farm – No Cash

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Heber & Effie  Murdock, my grandparents – Taken from Memories of the  Farm in Heber, Utah 1916-1930 –  Uncle Mort Murdock’s recollection about Money:

“Things were pretty rough, there was never any ready cash.  We ate like kings, but no cash.  Dad would take his wheat and hay and that to the exchange and what they’d do is they had this little book and they’d say you tear out you know, it equaled so many dollars and cents, just like a little book, you would hand that to the clerk and he’d tear it out and you had to take it the the Exchange, that’s how the exchange got it’s name.  This was known as the Heber Mercantile. “

Heber Merchantile 1941
                Heber Mercantile 1941

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