My Friend Rena Bowring

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Rena and I met at Kaysville Elementary, 1956.  We were in Mrs. Blood’s first grade class.  We had lots in common.  We both loved cats, riding bicycles, acting silly and laughing.  We both hated boys and school lunch.

Our favorite subject was recess. We tried to be the first ones on the playground.  So much fun to choose from hopscotch, tether ball, 4 square, jump rope and monkey bars.  The 5th and 6th graders ruled the school.  They “spoke” the best stuff swings, slide, and see saw.

Rena & Kristine 1958
Rena & Kristine 1958


Back in those days we had to wear dresses to school.  It never failed, every time we turned somersaults on the monkey bars some of the boys would begin to chant “I see London, I see France, I see Kristine’s underpants”.  Rena and I would yell back “Liar, Liar pants on fire, hanging on the telephone wire”.  In reality we knew exactly what they had seen.  I’d like to see you twirl around or pick up your hoppy taw without showing the world your cute little flowered panties.

Rena could be entertained and fascinated by the simplest of things.  She was so spontaneous and genuinely funny.  The more ridiculous the better.  She didn’t need expensive toys or anything to have fun.To her the world was a wonderful adventure and she was there to enjoy it.

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