Taking Out The Trash

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“TAKING OUT THE TRASH” – Until the mid 1960’s one of our jobs was taking the trash to the “Incinerator” – a rusty old drum in our backyard. It was the only job I liked so naturally my brothers and I fought over it, and were told to “take turns”. After striking the big wooden matches against the side of the barrel it was thrilling to watch the flames shoot out of the top, the smoke and embers filling the air. We tried to burn everything, and what wouldn’t burn was taken up the street to the Kaysville Dump on the corner of 4th West & Main St. (Now Intermountain Health Care Building). It is stuff like this from my childhood that amazes me I’m still among the living. – Blurry photo of “The Incinerator”, circa 1961, Uncle Howard Brierley trying his pole vaulting skills. Yes we had a pole vault stand in our backyard.


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