The Dawning Of The Age Of Kristine

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1974 Horoscope Aires


My Birth Analysis.  Many years ago I went to see a lady in Ogden named Algie Herbert to have my Horoscope read.  She only ask for date, place and time of birth.  According to that information,she analyzed exactly where the planets, etc, all lined up at that moment in time.

Date of Birth 4-16-1950, Place of Birth Salt Lake City, Utah, Time of Birth 5:27 pm.   This reads much like that song Aquarius by the 5th Dimension.

The sun was in the 10th House, Moon in the 10th House, Mercury in the 9th House, Venus in the 9th House, Mars in the 3rd House, Jupiter in the 8th House, Saturn in the 9th House, Pisces rising, Uranus in the 3rd House, Neptune in the 12th House, Pluto in the 4th House.

1974 Horoscope sign

Conjunctions: SUN-MOON – Emphasizes the sun-sign of Aries, Career interests are of great importance, does not listen to advice, does not fare well with discipline.

MOON-SATURN – Self denial & thriftiness are common, ability to work very hard, liking for people, some lack of self confidence.

VENUS-SATURN – Marriage is not enjoyable the person you are with lacks a sense of fun, allowing minor faults to become major problems is common, kind and charitable.

MARS-URANUS – No liking for routine, nervous strain & tension can easily occur, discipline proves difficult to accept, totally ruled by emotions..

URANUS-PLUTO – Ability to direct powerful energy in a dynamic & impressive way, sudden emotional outbursts due to inner tensions.

And there you have it folks the dawning of the age of Kristine.


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