Life On The Farm – The House

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Heber & Effie  Murdock my Grandparents farm – Taken from Memories on the Farm Heber, Utah 1916-1930 Uncle Mort Murdock remembers the house:

“It wasn’t built, it was thrown together.  They put two pieces together, a granary and a Dr. office. The north part of it was once Benny Norris’ Herb Office. It was two rooms, that’s all it was, we were so dog gone poor, we didn’t know we was poor, but we were sure good eater’s. We had all we wanted to eat.

 North side of farm house
North side of farm house

The walls were papered. My Aunt Millie had a fit when she saw it. Grandad Murdock had taken charge and he put the paper on upside down, big roses and he didn’t have it matched or anything. It was the dog gondest looking sight you ever saw in your life. My mother just cried and Aunt Millie come up and told Grandad they had to take it off, but he wouldn’t take it down so they wore it out.


We had enough room to get in and out and that’s about all. We had the stove and we had a kitchen cabinet.”

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