Life On The Farm Old Ephraim The Indian

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My grandparents Heber & Effie Murdock’s – farm in Heber, Utah 1916-1930. Taken from Memories on the Farm  Aunt Mary Murdock Stroud recalls:

Dad was good at bringing people home to eat. He particularly liked it when the Indians came through in the fall of the year to go to Provo to get the fruit. They always would stop at our place and bring all the ones that was there with them and mother would have to cook.  She used to fill that old boiler full of corn and I remember Old Ephraim, when he came he brought his family with him.  He was sitting by Susan, his wife and he just ate corn and ate corn and ate corn and he would slip his cobs over by Susan and pretty soon Susan had a great big pile of corn cobs in front of her and he’d start to laugh and say “Susan, she heaps like corn.”



He had a big hat. One of us sat on his hat. Old Ephraim he was pretty proud of that hat and he never brought it in the house after that. He had these long braids that hung down in front of him you know and he was straight, he stood up straight. My father told me to get up in the morning and watch him.  He says he will stand there with his arms folded and watch the sun come up every morning. That Old Ephraim, he was something else.


My dad was always coaxing Indians to come around. He was friendly with the Indians, well with everybody, he even brought home tramps sometimes too.”





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