Pioneer Schoolhouse

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Schoolhouse 1973 W 200 N built 1875


This home is located at 1973 West 200 North in West Kaysville, Utah.  (called the Swallow home). It was built in 1875 and was one of the first brick school houses built in Kaysville.  It was constructed with the first brick to come out of the Kaysville Brick Yard.  The brick work on the exterior was done by local architect William Allen.  The round opening where the school bell once hung has been cemented over above the former door.  It had two rooms and was also used for church meetings until the church across the street at 1772 West was completed.  The two rooms were heated with a pot belly stove.  The slate blackboards used in the school were attached permanently to the walls in both rooms and are still in place but have been painted over to match the rest of the walls.  Indians’ used to sit out along the bluff near this structure and sell things to those traveling through.  Two perfect grinding stones, arrowheads and other items have been discovered on the property. Note: Natalie Thompson Monson posted: “This is David Robin’s old home.  He is the one who converted it into a private home.  My grandpa Neil Robins was born there.  His sister Norma Robins Swallow inherited the house.”

Photo of the original door, and area where school bell was above the door,. This is on the west side of the home, photo courtesy of Paulette Bennett.

Original door of school house on the west side
      Original door of school house, west side, above window is where school bell was.  

Schoolhouse 1910 1973 W 200 N

Paulette Bennett writes: “this is a picture in front of the house taken of our Robin’s family May 2016.  My father Neil Robins born in this home, is in the middle front row of this photo. ”

Kevin Swallow: “this is the house my mother Norma Robins Swallow was born in.  My grandpa Robins purchased the home and property from a Mr. Gailey.  He raised his family there and supported himself by growing and selling produce, primarily asparagus.  My wife Tammy and I lived in this home for 3 years when we were first married.”

Robins Family May 2016
                 Robins Family May 2016

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