“The White House” of Christopher Layton

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Christopher Layton White Home aka John Kneedy home corner 2nd N and Main



This home was located at 191 North Main (corner of Main and 2nd North). It was built by Christopher Layton,  It was made of adobe with granite cornerstones, and was finished in 1869 to become his 10th home in the local area.  Here he and one of his Polygamist wives Sarah Barnes Layton entertained the many dignitaries, including Brigham Young, James E. Talmage, and Daniel H. Wells, who came visiting or were passing through.  It was a hand place to stop and they were always made welcome with good food and lodging.  The Bruce Major family lived in this home for many years.  After they moved, it was the home of John and Sara Kneedy.  The two huge rock balls were placed at the end of the sidewalk by Mr. Kneedy.  He found them in the mountains of California in 1967 and brought them back to Utah.

Note: Christopher Layton (March 8, 1821-August 7, 1898) was a Mormon Colonizer, Polygamist and Patriarch.   He helped establish the cities of Kaysville/Layton, Utah, and Thatcher, Arizona.  The city of Layton, Utah is named after him.

Christopher Layton
           Christopher Layton .


Sadly the home was torn down a few years ago to make way for a fast food restaurant called Dylan’s.



One of the locally famous giant “rock balls’ is alive and well across the street, at Main Street. Lube.

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