Cotton Candy Memories

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                    Liberty Park 1956      

Nostalgic memory of a summer day in 1956 spent in Liberty Park, Salt Lake City.  Mom bought us Cotton Candy.  My brother Brent and I were fighting over who was getting more than the other.  We tried to give a taste to my baby brother Alan.  He would have none of it, and kept pushing it away with hand gestures and funny faces.

 “I don’t want any part of what you are trying to give me”

 Be sure to take special note of my fabulous dress.  It was my very favorite in the whole wide world.  I would have slept in it, but mom wouldn’t let me. The “squaw dress”, as they were called were all the rage in the 1950’s.  Thanks to the kindness of my Grandma and Aunt, I too owned one of the coveted frocks. They also bought the cute doggy purse that adorned my outfit.  It was a wonderful accessory and status symbol for any 6 year old.  Yes a stroll at the park devouring spun sugar on a hot summer day, it doesn’t get any better than that!!


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