My Queen Elizabeth Tin

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For reasons unknown, I was always fascinated with this souvenir tin that sat in our hall cupboard for many years.  Grandma Murdock and Aunt Mary Stroud brought it back from their trip to Canada (along with my adorable doggy purse).  It was filled with fancy butterscotch.

Souvenir of the Coronation

In later years mom rolled pennies and nickels, tucking them away in the tin.  On occasion I opened the cupboard door just to admire it’s beauty.  Mom would yell “Kristine what are you looking for?  Get out of that cupboard and close the door.”   She had no comprehension of it’s mesmerizing powers.  That little box held adventure and mystery for a little kid.  All these years later, I now display it on a shelf in my living room.  The Queen no longer has to be locked behind closed doors.  I can look at her anytime.  Yes she still brings me wonder and joy.



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