The Year Kaysville Became A City

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THE YEAR KAYSVILLE BECAME A CITY: During the 1860’s the name “Kaysville” had began showing up in what records there were usually in parenthesis after Kay’s Ward as a means of identification. Christopher Layton introduced the bill into the State Legislature. – Utah Territory Bill H. F. No. 14, approved on February 13, 1868 by the governor and enacted on March 15, 1868. It was the 1st city in Davis County to be incorporated, and the 27th in the Utah Territory. The first minutes of the new city government appointed Thomas F. Roueche as Mayor, as councilmen: Grandison Raymond, Rosel Hyde, Robert Egbert, Joseph Allred, and James Taylor. Recorder: Peter Barton; Marshal: Robert W. Barton; Treasurer: William Blood; Supervisor of Streets: Joseph Egbert; Captain of Police: John Bennett. Leter John Ellison & John Gailey served as Justices of the Peace.

Thomas F. Roueche Kaysville’s 1st Mayor 1868
Grandison Raymond Kaysville Councilman 1868
Rosel Hyde Kaysville Councilman 1868
Peter Barton Kaysville Recorder 1868
Joseph Egbert Kaysville Supervisor of Streets 1868
William Blood Kaysville Treasurer 1868

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