Kaysville Opera House and Amusement Hall

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KAYSVILLE OPERA HOUSE/AMUSEMENT HALL – LOCATED 200 W CENTER (THEN THE ADDRESS WAS SE CORNER OF LOCUST & 5TH ST.) The original building was used as an LDS Meeting House from 1863-1910 (see post about Kays Ward Meeting House history posted 12-31-2016) – Construction to remodel began Oct. 1910. Actual work began April 1911. The contract was for Architect William Allen of Kaysville & J.P. Jacobsen Construction Co. of SLC. Rock, gravel, etc. were hauled by ward members in wagons drawn by teams of horses. Frank Hyde, a Kaysville buildier was assistant to William Allen and also kept records and paid salaries. Bricks for the remodel came from the Kaysville Brick Yard, by which was used their signature yellow color. The cost of the project was to be about $9,000. From it’s 1911 opening it was used for both religious and civic programs. For several years it was on the National Vaudeville circuit. In the 1920’s there was another renovation, indoor plumbing, bathrooms, and drinking fountain were added. In 1922 silent movies were shown. As moving pictures became more popular and sound was added, a professional projection booth and speakers were placed in the building. The feature film would arrive on the Bamberger train from the distributor in SLC. Moving pictures were shown there until the Kaysville Theater was built in 1947. In 1951 the Kaysville 1st Ward expanded the Tabernacle, adding a cultural hall. The Opera House was torn down when the Tabernacle addition was dedicated in 1951. Area now parking lot for Tablernacle.THANK YOU BILL SANDERS FOR THIS VALUABLE HISTORY

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