$$$$$$$$ Barnes Bank – My Memories $$$$$$$$$

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Need  $$$ money? As a kid in the 1950’s to me getting cash was simple.  All  I had to do was stand in line at Barnes Bank with my  mom, and chat and gossip with all the other ladies standing around.When it was mom’s turn at the check out place, they handed her money.  I couldn’t wait to grow up so I could stand in line with my friends and have cash handed to me. Then it happened.  When I was about eleven years old mom told me we were going to the bank so I could open my own “account”.  I couldn’t wait for our next visit to Barnes Bank. The moment finally arrived when I  found myself at the check out place.  No money here, all I got back was a book with disappointing amounts of handwritten mumbo jumbo and rubber stamping.  When I ask mom what the deal was I got a lengthy lecture about “responsibility”.


Barnes Bank 1950's-60's
                       Barnes Bank 1950’s -60’s


My trips to Barnes Bank definitely took a turn for the worst after that.  Disillusioned, I began scouring all of Kaysville searching for my own money tree.  No, I never found it and now when I go to America First Credit Union, I always take the free lollipop.  That’s about as good as it’s going to get.



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