Memories of The Farm Grandma Effie’s Sewing Machine

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Heber & Effie Murdock my grandparents – taken from Memories of the farm Heber, Utah 1916-1930.  My Aunt Mary Murdock Stroud describes the sewing machine.

“She had an old sewing machine and Grandfather Murdock could find anything in the trash pile, anything and he found an old machine that had been in a fire and she’d be sewing along and the bobbin would pop out and she’s have to work around and get the bobbin to go back in and sew a little bit more.  One day a salesman came by and he was selling Singer sewing machines.  She decided that she was going to have a new sewing machine. So she got enough money together and the man let her have the sewing machine on time and then she had a real hard time to get enough money to pay for that machine, but she was enjoying it all the time and sewing all kinds of clothes on it for us kids.  She said one time the man came to collect and she thought she’d hide in the bedroom and she wouldn’t let him know she was there. But we were kinda lucky, we had a dog named Old Prong.  Old Prong saw this man coming and he started sneaking up on him like he did, crawling on his stomach ready to nip his heels and he climbed up on the fence.  He didn’t dare come down, I can’t remember now if Mother finally came out and saved him and told him she didn’t have the money or just how it ended.”

Memories of The Farm – Effie’s Cupboard & Washing Machine

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Heber & Effie Murdock my grandparents Taken from Memories Of The Farm Heber, Utah 1916-1930. My dad John H. Murdock recalls:

“it was a real neat cupboard, stained a brown colored wood.  It had kind of a roll top deal and it had where this kind of a thing came down and kept the flour in there and like a sieve in the bottom of it and you could turn that thing and the flour would come down into your pan you was cooking in that there cupboard was something different.


The washing machine had what they called a reservoir. It had to be pushed back in the bedroom so you could get in and out.  This old washer had a copper bottom to it and I liked to watch it, it had an arm that moved back and forth you know on the motor and this here thing had a rack and pinion gear in the center and as that thing would go back and forth it had ringers on it too, it was an old Maytag, it was a good washer for it’s day, hell Mother had that when they moved into town, she used it for years.”

Memories of The Farm – Cooking

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Heber & Effie Murdock my grandparents -Taken from Memories of the farm in Heber, Utah 1916-1930 My dad John Murdock  recalls:

“Mother would make a cake every chance she got.  Some of them she covered with coconut.  It was a yellow cake inside and nice frosting.  She used straight cream for everything.  We had cream.  She would make her homemade bread and we’d dip it in the cream and sprinkle sugar on it and I’d go around eating that, it sure tasted good.”


Memories of the Farm – No Cash

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Heber & Effie  Murdock, my grandparents – Taken from Memories of the  Farm in Heber, Utah 1916-1930 –  Uncle Mort Murdock’s recollection about Money:

“Things were pretty rough, there was never any ready cash.  We ate like kings, but no cash.  Dad would take his wheat and hay and that to the exchange and what they’d do is they had this little book and they’d say you tear out you know, it equaled so many dollars and cents, just like a little book, you would hand that to the clerk and he’d tear it out and you had to take it the the Exchange, that’s how the exchange got it’s name.  This was known as the Heber Mercantile. “

Heber Merchantile 1941
                Heber Mercantile 1941
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