Memories of The Farm – Effie’s Cupboard & Washing Machine

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Heber & Effie Murdock my grandparents Taken from Memories Of The Farm Heber, Utah 1916-1930. My dad John H. Murdock recalls:

“it was a real neat cupboard, stained a brown colored wood.  It had kind of a roll top deal and it had where this kind of a thing came down and kept the flour in there and like a sieve in the bottom of it and you could turn that thing and the flour would come down into your pan you was cooking in that there cupboard was something different.


The washing machine had what they called a reservoir. It had to be pushed back in the bedroom so you could get in and out.  This old washer had a copper bottom to it and I liked to watch it, it had an arm that moved back and forth you know on the motor and this here thing had a rack and pinion gear in the center and as that thing would go back and forth it had ringers on it too, it was an old Maytag, it was a good washer for it’s day, hell Mother had that when they moved into town, she used it for years.”

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