Layton Cold Storage

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Layton Cold Storage 156 W. Gentile circa 1950’s

The Layton Cold Storage once stood on the corner at 156 West Gentile in Layton.  The owner was B. M. Anderson, aka “Uncle Andy” He did a thriving business in the 1940’s and 50’s.  Besides his meat lockers, he sold a few groceries.  He was famous with all of the local children because of his “penny candy” he sold with a big smile.  He loved all the kids and they loved him.  Every year for his birthday he would treat the local children to a free movie and treats at the Ritz Theater on Main Street.  In later years the building became the home of the Fraternal Order of Eagles, after the building was torn down, it was replaced by lawn as it remains today.

Ann Dibble Call “We loved the Layton Cold Storage.  When we were at Layton Elementary we were absolutely forbidden to cross the tracks during school hours to go there.  Penny Candy and a jovial Mr. Anderson tempted many! There were not alot of home freezer units in the 1950’s.  I loved going in the walk in freezer with my mother.  We rented a locker, got the key from Mr. Anderson, and as we entered and picked up our meat stored there, it smelled cold, so very cold.”

             B.M. “Uncle Andy” Anderson

In the above photo school children are visiting the Layton Cold Storage.  Besides getting their penny candy fix, they are contributing to the March of Dimes Drive.  To the kids B. M. seemed to stand for “Big Man”.  Mr. Anderson was over 6 feet tall.  Some of the students which have been identified include:  Verland Buckley, Joan Sill, Floyd Morgan, Dee Meibos, and Toma Miya.

OGDEN STANDARD EXAMINER MAY 22, 1953 – HEY YOUNGSTERS! UNCLE ANDY’S PARTY IS SATURDAY –  It reads as follows: “B. M. Anderson, “Uncle Andy” to most Layton youngsters is giving his annual party in the Ritz Theater tomorrow. This is the fifth year in a row Mr. Anderson has given the party for the children.  It includes a two hour show, popcorn, candy, balloons, and just about everything else.  Helping with the annual event this year are the Ritz Theater operator, The American Legion, Sons of the American Legion and The Boy Scouts.  The fun gets going at 10 AM.  It’s open to all Layton, Sahara Village, and Verdeland Park youngsters”


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